Global Deal for Nature

Global Deal for Nature

To World Leaders,

I urge you to support a Global Deal for Nature that safeguards the Earth, protecting at least 50% of our lands and oceans. Scientists say this bold target is needed to prevent the extinction crisis, halt runaway climate change, feed the world, and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. The agreement must ensure our living planet is sustainably managed; must have the active support of indigenous peoples; and must address the needs of human development. 

Thriving nature is essential to life on Earth. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, are all pillars of human survival that depend on a series of delicately balanced interactions within the natural world.

But these systems are being thrown dangerously off balance by an onslaught of human activities. From pesticides on our fields, to plastics choking our oceans, to bulldozers in our forests, all over the planet the natural world is under assault. 

This crisis has now reached a scale that threatens everything. Species extinction is running at 1000 times the natural rate, and scientists warn that two-thirds of wild animal populations could be gone in our lifetimes. As with climate change, there is now growing concern that dangerous tipping points could be triggered, causing the collapse of key ecosystems and threatening human survival. 

Scientists are sounding the alarm, and people around the world are calling for a simple solution – protect and restore half of the planet in a natural state and sustainably manage all lands and oceans. The result is a planet where humanity and nature have a chance to flourish, even as global temperatures rise. 

This is the kind of ambitious, clear goal that inspires everyone -- citizens, governments, and businesses -- to take the steps needed to save life on Earth. And the key to making it happen will be a major UN summit in Montréal, Canada set for December, 2022 where governments establish new global targets to protect the planet. 

It’s being called a Global Deal for Nature and here’s how it can save life on Earth:      

  1. The world’s governments agree on a new global deal for nature, one that makes the crisis facing our natural world a top global priority and is handled at the highest levels -- Presidents and Prime Ministers -- at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and other forums.
  2. The agreement calls for protecting and restoring at least half of the Earth and sustainably managing all the world’s lands and oceans, setting a clear milestone by 2030 of at least 30% Protected Areas (PAs) and at least 20% for Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs), respecting and upholding the land tenure rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs). 
  3. The agreement must have the active support of indigenous peoples. We cannot protect the planet without traditional knowledge, stewardship practices, and sustainable livelihoods for those that live in or near conservation areas.
  4. The agreement must also include financial and technical support for the world’s poorest countries, which are also home to most of the planet’s remaining biodiversity, putting the needs of local communities front and center. 
  5. The agreement requires each country to produce a National Nature Action Plan - a clear strategy to show how they intend to reduce negative human impacts on the environment, cut carbon pollution, and protect nature. These plans must be compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate poverty, and with the Paris Climate Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5˚C degrees in temperature rise.   

We know in our bones that our fate depends on our planet. We ARE nature. And to save it, we must be its voice! Let’s make sure that the world’s leaders cannot ignore our call for protecting half the Earth. 

Join the resounding chorus of human voices behind this Global Deal for Nature.